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Downloads & Documentation

Software Downloads

FIPS NVR Recovery USB Builder (v NVR-FIPS, ZIP 1607474606 file_downloadZIP File
USB Port Disabling Tool (v NVR-FIPS, ZIP 1608660880 file_downloadZIP File
Remote Workstation Windows 10 Hardening Kit (v NVR-FIPS, ZIP 1608660991 file_downloadZIP File

Product Flyers

Avigilon FIPS NVR Fact Sheet

Product Fact Sheet

Avigilon NVR Premium FIPS Fact Sheet

Product Datasheets

NVR4X Premium FIPS Datasheet
NVR5 Premium FIPS Datasheet

Product User Guides

Avigilon NVR4X FIPS System Hardening Guide
Avigilon NVR5 FIPS System Hardening Guide
Avigilon NVR4X Premium - FIPS Series User Guide
NVR5 Premium (FIPS Series) User Guide