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H4 Mini Dome Camera Line

H4 Mini Dome Camera Line

Downloads & Documentation

Software Downloads

Camera Configuration Tool (CCT) (v APD,CCT,Encoder,H3 LPR,H3 Micro Dome,H3 Multisensor,H3 Panoramic,H3 PTZ,H3/H3A H.264,H4 Fisheye,H4 IR PTZ,H4 LPC,H4 Mini Dome,H4 Multisensor,H4 Pro,H4 PTZ,H4 Thermal,H4 Thermal ETD,H4 Video Intercom,H4A,H4ES,H4SL,H5 Pro,H5A,H5A Corner,H5A Dual Head,H5A Explosion-Protected,H5A Fisheye,H5A-PTZ,H5M,H5SL, EXE 1624665532 file_downloadRelease Notes file_downloadEXE File
H4 Mini Dome Firmware (v H4 Mini Dome, FP,BIN 1601586693 file_downloadRelease Notes file_downloadFP File file_downloadBIN File
H4 Mini Dome MIB (v H4 Mini Dome, ZIP 1601586787 file_downloadRelease Notes file_downloadZIP File

Product Flyers

H4 Mini Dome Camera Flyer

Product Datasheets

H4 Mini Dome Camera Datasheet
Avigilon Self-Learning Video Analytics Datasheet

Product Installation Guides

H4 Mini Dome Camera (Surface) Installation Guide
H4 Mini Dome Camera (In-Ceiling) Installation Guide
H4 Mini Dome Camera (Pendant) Installation Guide

Product Drawing

H4 Mini Dome Camera Drawings file_downloadZIP File

Product User Guides

Analytics Sizing Guide For Avigilon Hardware
Designing a Site with Avigilon Self-Learning Video Analytics

Accessory User Guides

USB Wifi Adapter System User Guide

Software User Guide

Camera Configuration Tool User Guide
H5 / H4 Camera Web Interface User Guide

General Catalogs

Motorola Solutions Video Security and Analytics Commercial Product Catalog
Motorola Solutions Video Security and Analytics Public Safety Product Catalog
The Avigilon Advantage