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H3 PTZ Camera

H3 PTZ Camera

1 MP
2 MP

Avigilon offers a broad range of high definition cameras – from 1 – 5 MP and 4 – 7K (based on horizontal resolution)
– and are available in a variety of formats, including dome, panoramic and fixed. Whether it’s a small storefront that
requires a few cameras or a large complex system requiring complete coverage of numerous areas, you can trust
that you’re getting an exceptional solution for your security needs.


1 MP
2 MP


360° View 360-degree views offer a cost-effective, easy-to-install solution providing broad coverage with fewer cameras
Onvif Compliant
ONVIF® Compliant Built on an open platform to allow integration with other security solutions

Supported Compression


Software Downloads

H3 PTZ Camera Firmware (v H3 PTZ, FP,BIN 1602109255 file_downloadRelease Notes file_downloadFP File file_downloadBIN File
Avigilon Camera Configuration Tool (CCT) (v APD,CCT,Encoder,H3 H.264,H3 LPR,H3 Micro Dome,H3 Multisensor,H3 Panoramic,H3 PTZ,H4 Fisheye,H4 IR PTZ,H4 LPC,H4 Mini Dome,H4 Multisensor,H4 Pro,H4 PTZ,H4 Thermal,H4 Thermal ETD,H4 Video Intercom,H4A,H4ES,H4SL,H5A,H5A Explosion-Protected,H5M,H5SL, EXE 1601742418 file_downloadRelease Notes file_downloadEXE File

Product Datasheets

H3 PTZ Camera Datasheet

Product Installation Guides

H3 PTZ Camera (In-Ceiling Mount) Installation Guide
H3 PTZ Camera (Pendant Mount) Installation Guide

Software User Guide

Camera Configuration Tool User Guide
H3 Camera Web Interface User Guide

General Catalog and Brochure

Fixed Mobile & Video Solutions Catalog
Video Security and Analytics Solutions Brochure
Part Number Form Factor Resolution Lens Storage Feature Differences
1.0W-H3PTZ-DC20 In-Ceiling Dome 1 MP n/a n/a
2.0W-H3PTZ-DC20 In-Ceiling Dome 2 MP n/a n/a
1.0W-H3PTZ-DP20 Pendant Dome 1 MP n/a n/a
2.0W-H3PTZ-DP20 Pendant Dome 2 MP n/a n/a