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Social Distancing Analytics

Social Distancing Analytics

Preserve the health and safety of your staff and customers

The Challenge

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way we interact with one another. From eating in restaurants, to a trip to the grocery store, social distancing measures are critical. As leaders are now looking at how to re-open businesses, maintaining social distancing measures are still at the forefront of people’s minds and businesses need to be innovative to see this succeed.

The Solution

Businesses can proactively protect people with powerful video analytics to determine the proximity of one person to another person. Cloud-based reports can be run to identify where and when social distancing guidelines are not being followed for corrective action. This enables businesses to study traffic patterns, identify hotspots, and make adjustments. Data can be used to protect staff and customers by taking corrective action to educate employees, modify facility layouts and eliminate high density areas.

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