Avigilon Blue

Avigilon Blue

Avigilon Blue is a cloud service platform for security and surveillance that is purpose-built for Avigilon dealers and their customers. It combines easy-to-install, on-premise video recording, with cloud-hosted subscription management services for Avigilon Partners and their Subscribers.



Local Video Storage

Up to 12 TB of on-site storage capacity to record and retain approximately 30 days of high-definition video.


Open Camera Connectivity

Connects any Avigilon or ONVIF®-compliant camera streams to the Avigilon Blue cloud service platform.

Integrated Video Analytics

Enables Avigilon self-learning video analytics on any connected cameras, bringing attention to events that matter most.


Minimal Bandwidth Use

Only 10-second analytic video clips are uploaded to the cloud for further processing and viewing.


16-Channel Device

16-Channel Device

8-Port Device

8-Port Device

4-Channel Device

4-Channel Device

Model Comparison

Note: table values are based on a standard 2 MP / 30 fps video stream.
Avigilon Blue Connect Device 16-Channel 8-Port 4-Channel
Скорость записи 196 Mbps 130 Mbps 50 Mbps
Хранение на встроенном носителе 12 ТБ 8 ТБ 1 ТБ
Скорость отправки 120 Mbps 50 Mbps 30 Mbps
Порты PoE 8
Порты каскадирования 2 x 1 Gbe

Технические описания продуктов

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Руководства пользователя по продуктам

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Avigilon Blue App for iOS file_downloadApp Store
Avigilon Blue App for Android Devices file_downloadGoogle Play

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