Avigilon Success Stories

Avigilon Success Stories

Истории успеха

Wilson County Schools Образование
unfold_moreШколы — сердце сообщества в округе Уилсон

Tennessee, USA

Насчитывая около 18 500 учащихся, 2000 человек персонала и 21 кампус, школы округа Уилсон были вынуждены обновить свою систему безопасности и не выйти при этом за рамки установленного бюджета.

unfold_lessШколы — сердце сообщества в округе Уилсон

WCS is satisfied knowing that their campuses are now fully monitored, helping staff and students feel much safer at school. Moreover, Motorola Solutions access control solutions allow administrative and security personnel to limit access to classrooms and hallways as soon as a potentially critical event is detected — but staff can still enter and exit spaces easily with the touch of their badge.

Tampere Vocational College Tredu Образование
unfold_moreСистема безопасности A+, ориентированная на будущее

Tampere, Finland

To address concerns such as vandalism and unwanted visitors on campus, Tredu sought a complete security system that included high-performance video security and access control solutions, as well as video analytics.

unfold_lessСистема безопасности A+, ориентированная на будущее

"Our Avigilon security solution has allowed us to achieve the goals we set out — to increase security on our campuses while improving the process efficiency of our security operations,” said Sami Alijärvi, Security Designer at Tredu. “The system not only allows us to respond to events within seconds but provides insights that help us proactively address potential problems before they even occur."

INDEVCO Group Заводы и фабрики
unfold_moreA Forward-Thinking Solution

Beirut, Lebanon

INDEVCO sought an expansive solution to enable remote viewing, provide clear video evidence for liability claims and reduce network bandwidth.

unfold_lessA Forward-Thinking Solution

“Using Avigilon systems, we can now view our companies and factories worldwide without the need to travel, saving time and money, and in a more frequent way. This is possible because of Avigilon’s efficient bandwidth management technology and powerful software.” – Chadi Khadij, Network and Telecom Manager at INDEVCO

Billings School District Образование
unfold_moreНа страже нашего будущего

Billings, Montana

Школьный округ BPS нуждался в комплексной системе безопасности, чтобы предупреждать некорректное поведение в средней школе, столкнувшейся с проблемой вандализма, граффити и издевательств, а также сократить количество школьных происшествий и уровень преступности.

unfold_lessНа страже нашего будущего

“The new Avigilon system has made our jobs a whole lot easier,” said Kevin Kirkman, Principal at Riverside Middle School. “When an incident occurs, school administrators no longer have to talk to multiple individuals to try and figure out what happened. The investigation is simple; we can see what happened, clear as day. It’s made it easier to uphold school rules and maintain a safe environment for students and staff.”

Arabian Centres Магазины
unfold_moreЗащита, безопасность и скорость наблюдения в секторе розничной торговли

Саудовская Аравия

Изменения в местных законах о безопасности, требующие высокого качества изображения и производительности, вынудили компанию Arabian Centres модернизировать системы охранного видеонаблюдения в своих 19 торговых центрах.

unfold_lessЗащита, безопасность и скорость наблюдения в секторе розничной торговли

As the new video security standard, each Arabian Centres mall features an average of 350 Avigilon cameras, including HD Dome and award-winning HD Pro cameras, network video recorders, and Avigilon Control Center™ video management software.

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital Здравоохранение
unfold_moreЗащита пациентов с помощью современных технологий

Торрингтон, Коннектикут

Больница Шарлотты Хангерфорд нуждалась в недорогой комплексной системе безопасности, которая могла бы защитить пациентов и персонал одновременно в разных местах, но при этом оставалась бы достаточно гибкой и могла расширяться вместе с растущими потребностями больницы.

unfold_lessЗащита пациентов с помощью современных технологий

“Avigilon has made us more efficient, as I don’t have to spend as much time sifting through large amounts of video. Instead, I can use Appearance Search technology to find the person or vehicle I am looking for, faster.” – Chad Rioux, Director of Security, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital

New Bedford Housing Authority (NBHA) Государственные и местные органы власти
unfold_moreCommunity Safety Starts with Best-in-Class Security

New Bedford, Massachusetts

The NBHA's mission is to provide affordable housing while also promoting self-sufficiency, fostering leadership and cultivating sustainable, healthy communities.

unfold_lessCommunity Safety Starts with Best-in-Class Security

“The greatest savings that I have experienced is time. The amount of time spent reviewing video for incidents using our previous cameras and VMS system has been cut down tremendously using Avigilon,” said Steven Beauregard, executive director of the NBHA.

GBK Sports Complex Стадионы
unfold_moreЛучшая система безопасности для спортивного комплекса GBK

Джакарта, Индонезия

Спортивный комплекс GBK нуждался в масштабируемой и гибкой системе, которая могла адаптироваться к широкому кругу задач и положительно влиять на узнаваемость бренда, что позволило бы проводить больше международных мероприятий и получать максимальную прибыль.

unfold_lessЛучшая система безопасности для спортивного комплекса GBK

“Given the huge number of visitors we receive each year, safety and security are not only among our top priorities but a sizeable challenge,” said Mr. Winarto, president director of GBK. “Using AI technology, our Avigilon solution brings the most important information to our operators’ attention and allows them to sift through large volumes of video quickly to find what they’re looking for, which enables us to respond faster.”

East Texas Medical Center Здравоохранение
unfold_moreЗащита персонала и пациентов

Тайлер, Техас

Миссия ETMC, которая состоит в том, чтобы делиться бесценными знаниями и опытом с пациентами в их регионе, никогда не менялась. Но с расширением сети лечебных учреждений возросли и ее потребности в безопасности.

unfold_lessЗащита персонала и пациентов

“Our top priority is ensuring the safety of our patients, staff and visitors. We chose Avigilon because it offers us an easy-to-install, user-friendly and scalable solution that allows our operators to conduct fast video searches and accurate investigations. This saves us valuable time during investigations and has helped to reduce false liability claims.”

Digital Provisions, Inc. Банки
unfold_moreBrooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union

Brooklyn, New York

Secure $15 million in assets, protect staff and members, and meet key insurance requirements while maintaining an open environment where members can freely enter and exit to receive services.

unfold_lessBrooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union

“By installing higher resolution cameras in only key areas and leveraging Avigilon’s advanced motion detection technology, we lowered our investment costs and can store 120 days of video footage – a vast improvement over the 30 days we previously attained to help meet a key insurance requirement.”
— Samira Rajan, CEO at Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union