Professional Services

Professional Services

Maximize Efficiency with Our Expert Specialists and Engineers

The Motorola Solutions Video Security & Access Control (VS&A) Professional Services enhances the capabilities of the end-to-end ecosystem. The professional services offerings are designed to help customers maximize productivity and availability of complex infrastructures and build resilience in a business environment, where technology and products are constantly evolving. By leveraging the VS&A Professional Services solutions, partners can gain access to a team of experts trained and certified to assist with network and system design, configuration, auditing, and onsite issue troubleshooting. Customers can be assured of unrivaled expertise on a wide range of specialist services driven by decades of proven experience in the security industry.

Field Services

Configuration Services



Deploying a complex system can be both challenging and time consuming. The Avigilon Professional Services team is available to make deployments more efficient, while ensuring configurations are built for optimized system performance.

Remote Services

Audit Services



Early detection and prevention of system health issues saves time and money. With Avigilon’s Audit Services, customers can rest assured their systems are working efficiently.

Workflow Assist

Network Services



With IP‐focused video management solutions, optimizing network performance is critical. Avigilon Network Services provides a certified network engineer to assist in complex network design, configuration, and troubleshooting.

System Health and Maintenance Checks

System Troubleshooting



Sometimes an installation or systems issue can be difficult to isolate and correct on your own. If you need extra help onsite to investigate the problem and develop a solution, the Avigilon Professional Services team has the expertise to assist.

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