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ES Appliance

ES Appliance

Record locally. View centrally. Manage remotely.

8 TB
4 TB

All-in-one appliances that bring edge intelligence and built-in ACC software to organizations with multiple sites and critical assets requiring protection and monitoring. ES products help avoid bandwidth issues by storing 30+ days of HD video locally near the camera, so you can easily view it remotely from a central location.

 ACC ES 8-Port Appliance
Storage Capacity
4 TB
8 TB
Max. Throughput (Mbps) 210
Max. Record Rate (Mbps) 130
Max. Video Data Drives 1
PoE Ports 8
Integrated Network Switch Integrated Network Switch
ACC Licenses Licenses Sold Separately

High-Resolution Image Gallery

ES 8-Port Appliance
ES 8-Port Appliance

Software Downloads

ACC ES 8-Port Appliance (ACC Firmware (v ACC ES Appliance Line, FP 1625067119 file_downloadRelease Notes file_downloadFP File
ACC ES 8-Port Appliance (ACC Firmware (v ACC ES Appliance Line, FP 1660251039 file_downloadRelease Notes file_downloadFP File

Product Flyers

ES 8-Port Appliance Fact Sheet

Product Datasheets

ES 8-Port Appliance Datasheet
Avigilon Self-Learning Video Analytics Datasheet

Product User Guides

Analytics Sizing Guide For Avigilon Hardware
Designing a Site with Avigilon Self-Learning Video Analytics
ACC ES 8-Port Appliance User Guide
Avigilon Hardened OS Guide

General Catalogs

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The Avigilon Advantage
Part Number Description Capacity ACC Licenses
VMA-ENVR1-8P4A ES 8-Port Appliance 4 TB N/A
VMA-ENVR1-8P8A ES 8-Port Appliance 8 TB N/A