Avigilon Cloud Services

Avigilon Cloud Services

The Avigilon Cloud Services (ACS) platform enables a modern cloud-connected user experience, accessible from a web browser. Connecting Avigilon Control Center (ACC) sites to the cloud simplifies management of physical security systems for customers with multi-site facilities and distributed security systems from anywhere.

The ACS platform lays the foundation for ACC customers to connect to the cloud and take advantage of capabilities and features that provide centralized access across distributed systems. In the near future, our platform will deliver value-add offerings such as system health and maintenance services to help improve your up-time, and enhance productivity, while also strengthening your security.

Easy Remote Access

Efficiently monitor multiple locations and cameras from a central location or from mobile devices through an app to quickly detect, verify, and act on.

Cloud Connectivity to ACC Sites

The Avigilon Cloud Services platform connects ACC sites to the cloud, which helps to centralize media access, system management, and integrations.

Enchanced Security

Provides timely and proactive responses to analytic alarms, sent from ACC as push notifications directly to the ACC Mobile 3 app.

Software Notice

The minimum required version of Avigilon Control Center 7 software to support Avigilon Cloud Services connectivity can be downloaded by visiting the Avigilon Resource Center. To receive access, simply click “Register” in the resource homepage to access the tools you need.

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