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ACM Embedded Controller

ACM Embedded Controller

Simplified Entry-Level Access Control

The ACM Embedded Controller access system is browser-based and designed for securing up to 16 access doors. This solution uses open-field hardware from HID Global combined with factory-installed software from Avigilon that aligns with the needs of small and medium sized businesses. Most access systems connect to a physical server optimized for installations requiring a high number of doors, tens of thousands of cardholders and enough room for large amounts of transactional storage. This translates to greater system costs even for smaller projects that don't require all that processing power.


  • Manage from Browser-Based Devices
    The familiar interface helps make it quick to learn and understand using any mobile device or PC with an internet connection.
  • Email Notification
    Flexibility to customize the lock to meet the needs of the application now, and purpose-built to allow for customizing the lock rather than replacing it in the future, with little to no operational disruption.
  • Flexible I/O Linking
    Turn any keyed door or sensitive area into a monitored access door to improve security in and around facilities.
  • Cardholder Import/Export
    A convenient way to migrate system cardholders.
  • Card Formats
    26-bit Wiegand, 34-bit Wiegand, 37-bit HID 10304, 56-bit Avigilon
  • Bundled Kits
    With only three part numbers to remember, ordering is easy and convenient.
  • Database Backup
    Easily backup configuration and transactional data over a web browser, saving you valuable
  • Compatible Hardware
    HID VertX® V100 (Door/reader interface), V200 (Input monitor interface) and V300 (Output monitor interface)
  • Easy Migration
    As your company grows, the system grows with you. We make the transition to the ACM Professional system easy with a simplified migration path.