Avigilon Cloud Services

Avigilon Cloud Services

Extending ACC To The Cloud

The Avigilon Cloud Services (ACS) platform enables a modern cloud-connected user experience to view live and recorded video, as well as monitor and manage the health of your systems. Connecting your Avigilon Control Center™ (ACC) sites to ACS is free to do and instantly unlocks remote access to your systems from anywhere.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

ACS provides secure remote access to view live and recorded video from our no-install browser-agnostic client with the ability to view bookmarks, manage PTZ controls, and export videos to a local drive. Alternatively, use the ACC Mobile 3 app to view live and recorded video and to receive and view push notifications of ACC analytic alarms. You can be confident that remote access is secure with support for firewall traversal to eliminate complex firewall re-configurations.

Improve Availability

The ability to monitor the health status of your servers and cameras helps you to more efficiently detect, verify and respond to events at your various sites. Advanced System Health allows you to proactively prioritize maintenance activities across all your sites and remotely take action on those events that are most urgent.

Easy Site Management

Whether you have a single site or multiple sites, ACS makes it easy to manage your sites with convenient, centralized access to your security system. Provisioning and managing system access to your users is easy by allowing people to use their corporate login credentials across ACS and ACC and the ACC Mobile 3 app.

You’re Always in Control

There is no mysterious oversight with ACS. Your ACC Server is always in control of what happens. With it you have full control and transparency over what users have access to and what they can do on your system. These users are logged in just like any other system user, so at any time, you can audit and view user activity by running site logs. With this hybrid solution model, ACS also offers maximum versatility so you can take advantage of powerful on-premise systems and pervasive cloud resources simultaneously.


Access from anywhere Accessible from a Windows or Mac device and a Chrome or Safari browser. Or use our ACC Mobile 3 app on your mobile phone
Simple and secure access Firewall traversal enables secure remote access with minimal or no firewall re-configuration
Simple user provisioning No complicated user profile configuration required as existing ACC group privileges persist for web client or mobile app viewing
Real-Time Health Monitoring Review a centralized dashboard for a roll-up of the operational status of your systems to prioritize maintenance efforts
Easy Site Maintenance Use remote access to troubleshoot issues and make configuration changes remotely so you can minimize site visits
Timely System Updates Cloud platform updated monthly so you can instantly take advantage of new capabilities and services
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High Availability Minimal impact during network outages since video availability is based on our hybrid model of on-premise equipment connected to the cloud
open architecture icon
Open Architecture ACC supports any ONVIF camera so you can view video from cloud connected sites with a diverse ecosystem of cameras

Supported Browsers or Apps

  • Google Chrome™
  • Apple Safari®
  • Microsoft Edge™
  • Avigilon Mobile App 3


Avigilon Cloud Services Privacy Policy

The Avigilon Advanced System Health Monitoring service offers a set of tools to increase security system availability and integrity using fewer resources so you can know what is happening with your system and quickly take action to restore operation. Even as systems scale and grow over time with expansion, you can proactively detect, verify and respond to actions requiring your attention quickly, and with confidence.

Improve Availability and Save Money

Advanced System Health is offered through the Avigilon Cloud Services platform for all ACC™ sites connected to the cloud and helps answer important questions including if all your devices are up and running, if they are correctly configured, and if your devices and systems are all on the approved firmware or software version. Do all this while saving valuable time and avoiding costly on-site service calls.

Avigilon System Health is designed for End-user organizations with multiple locations who self maintain their systems and Partner organizations providing maintenance services to multiple end-user organizations.


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Health Dashboard

A convenient Health Dashboard provides an overview status of your various sites to help you more efficiently detect, verify and respond to events that impact system availability.

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Detect - Real-Time Notification

You can instantly see, assess and acknowledge health notifications on the state of your cameras and servers. Stay up-to-date on issues that require your immediate attention to keep your company and its employees safe and secure.

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Verify - Instant Device and Server Details

The ability to monitor the health status of your servers and cameras helps you to more efficiently investigate events at your sites, verify settings and prioritize troubleshooting or maintenance activities. You can even determine the model number, firmware version, network details, and service tag of cameras or the serial numbers and retention statistics for the hard drives in your servers.

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Respond - Configure Device Settings

With this knowledge, you can take action to remotely configure device settings from the cloud on a device-by-device basis and upgrade device firmware. Ensure your devices meet organizational policies by reducing the time and effort needed to detect and resolve device availability and correctly configure devices.

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Respond - Update Software

Protect your software investments to ensure timely access and uninterrupted experience to the newest capabilities and services. Remotely upgrade ACC software to ensure you are on the latest ACC software versions, so you can take full advantage of the newest features and enhancements.

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