Avigilon Security Solutions Have Lots in Store for Marino's Market

Avigilon Security Solutions Have Lots in Store for Marino's Market

Marino's Market

January 13, 2020
“When we install an Avigilon system, especially one that also includes Motorola Solutions technologies, we know that our customers are getting the best of the best,” said Michael Smith, president of American Video & Alarm, Inc. “The quality of Avigilon solutions makes us confident in recommending them for a wide variety of installations and use cases.”

With over 80 employees and approximately 18,000 customers shopping each week at its multiple store locations in Birmingham, AL, it was crucial for Marino’s Market to promote a safe environment.

Protecting its business from customer theft, false liability claims and shrinkage, and improving business operations are also important priorities for Marino’s Market. Without a comprehensive security system in place, time, money and inventory were all at risk.


Marino’s Market deployed a comprehensive Avigilon video security solution that provided greater insight into the activity within its stores, and Motorola Solutions radios for instant communication between store employees.

"Having an Avigilon system is like having a virtual security guard; it gives me so much more freedom because I don’t have to do all the work myself — the analytics and search functions of Avigilon Control Center take a lot of that work off my plate.”

AJ Marino
Owner of Marino's Market

Industry: Retail

Location: Birmingham, USA

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