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Avigilon Success Stories

Avigilon Success Stories

Case Studies

Mono Production Retail
unfold_moreMono Production Turns Its Lens on Security

Bangkok, Thailand

Mono Production knew it needed a better security solution to protect its team members and valuable assets, so it turned to Avigilon for a full-scale installation that could meet its wide variety of security needs.

unfold_lessMono Production Turns Its Lens on Security

“Thanks to Avigilon, the overall security of the building not only improved, but it also became much easier to look into those relatively minor events that take up a disproportionate amount of time to investigate. With the new system in place, our security personnel don’t have to spend hours searching video — they can focus on more impactful work.” said Mr. Bannasit Rakwong, General Manager at Mono Production.

Zorbas Bakeries Retail
unfold_moreThe Bread & Butter of Security for Zorbas Bakeries


With 59 stores located all over Cyprus, a complete security solution was essential to ensure smooth and uninterrupted company operations.

unfold_lessThe Bread & Butter of Security for Zorbas Bakeries

“Zorbas Bakeries needed a system that would ensure the security of its stores from any malicious acts while also improving company operations,” said George Georgiou, CEO at Krypto Security Ltd. “Now, not only are its security officers fully aware of what’s going on in each and every store, but they can also act upon critical events in literally just a few seconds.”

Victoria Racing Club Gaming
unfold_moreThe Fast Track for Security

Melbourne, Australia

VRC needed a complete security solution that could effectively manage the heavy live traffic flow of people and vehicles throughout its grounds and parking areas without crashing or lagging.

unfold_lessThe Fast Track for Security

“With the number of visitors our venue receives each year, the volume of video data our system collects far exceeds what the human attention span can effectively search through,” said James Reid, Executive General Manager - Flemington Operations. “Our Avigilon solution helps identify potential problems and brings that information to our attention, helping our security team to be proactive rather than reactive — and that level of security is extremely valuable to our customers.”

Port of Guaymas Ports
unfold_moreSecuring Sites, Staff and Shipments on an International Scale

Northwest Mexico

A robust system was needed to allow API to closely monitor its perimeter and help prevent the theft of materials and potential drug trafficking.

unfold_lessSecuring Sites, Staff and Shipments on an International Scale

“Clear video security that can withstand challenging conditions is critical to our ability to protect the port from theft and other security threats,” said Axel Humberto Perez Flores, Head of Information Technology for the Port of Guaymas. “With Avigilon’s HD cameras and ACC™ software, our operators can centrally monitor and verify port activities, helping to ensure we continue to provide secure transportation and storage services to our clients.”

University of Tennessee EducationStadiums
unfold_moreVideo Case Study: University of Tennessee

Tennessee, USA

University of Tennessee has 230 buildings, including Neyland Stadium, which is one of the largest college football stadiums in the United States and is home to the Tennessee Volunteers (Vols). The Avigilon solution helps law enforcement and security personnel manage situations by providing high definition video in real time.

unfold_lessVideo Case Study: University of Tennessee

“The University of Tennessee is committed to keeping its campus as safe as possible and the Avigilon solution is an important part of our day-to-day security procedures and our emergency management plan.” — Brian Browning, Director of Administrative and Support Services, University of Tennessee

Beşiktaş J.K. Sports Club Stadiums
unfold_moreKeeping Vodafone Park Safe

Istanbul, Turkey

Beşiktaş J.K. Sports Club needed a surveillance system with improved image clarity and lower bandwidth, and were looking for an Avigilon solution to integrate with their existing system.

unfold_lessKeeping Vodafone Park Safe

Copenhagen Business School Education
unfold_moreAn Open Door Policy Brings Out the Best — and the Rest

Frederiksberg, Denmark

CBS needed a comprehensive, non-invasive security solution capable of monitoring the movement of large numbers of people over wide areas, to deter crime without detracting from the school’s inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.

unfold_lessAn Open Door Policy Brings Out the Best — and the Rest

"Not only is CBS now a safer place for the community, but it’s also been able to improve its internal processes, allowing it to tackle difficult challenges in an effective manner."

Wilson County Schools Education
unfold_moreSchools are the Heart of the Wilson County Community

Tennessee, USA

With approximately 18,500 students, 2,000 staff and 21 campuses, Wilson County Schools had to update its security system while staying within a specific budget.

unfold_lessSchools are the Heart of the Wilson County Community

WCS is satisfied knowing that their campuses are now fully monitored, helping staff and students feel much safer at school. Moreover, Avigilon access control solutions allow administrative and security personnel to limit access to classrooms and hallways as soon as a potentially critical event is detected — but staff can still enter and exit spaces easily with the touch of their badge.

Tampere Vocational College Tredu Education
unfold_moreAn A+ Security Solution That Focuses on the Future

Tampere, Finland

To address concerns such as vandalism and unwanted visitors on campus, Tredu sought a complete security system that included high-performance video security and access control solutions, as well as video analytics.

unfold_lessAn A+ Security Solution That Focuses on the Future

"Our Avigilon security solution has allowed us to achieve the goals we set out — to increase security on our campuses while improving the process efficiency of our security operations,” said Sami Alijärvi, Security Designer at Tredu. “The system not only allows us to respond to events within seconds but provides insights that help us proactively address potential problems before they even occur."

INDEVCO Group Manufacturing
unfold_moreA Forward-Thinking Solution

Beirut, Lebanon

INDEVCO sought an expansive solution to enable remote viewing, provide clear video evidence for liability claims and reduce network bandwidth.

unfold_lessA Forward-Thinking Solution

“Using Avigilon systems, we can now view our companies and factories worldwide without the need to travel, saving time and money, and in a more frequent way. This is possible because of Avigilon’s efficient bandwidth management technology and powerful software.” – Chadi Khadij, Network and Telecom Manager at INDEVCO

Billings School District Education
unfold_moreSafeguarding Our Future

Billings, Montana

BPS needed a complete security solution to proactively address negative behavior in a middle school that faced vandalism, graffiti and bullying, and to help decrease at-school incidents and crime rates.

unfold_lessSafeguarding Our Future

“The new Avigilon system has made our jobs a whole lot easier,” said Kevin Kirkman, Principal at Riverside Middle School. “When an incident occurs, school administrators no longer have to talk to multiple individuals to try and figure out what happened. The investigation is simple; we can see what happened, clear as day. It’s made it easier to uphold school rules and maintain a safe environment for students and staff.”

 Fulton County School Education
unfold_morePrioritizing Safety at Fulton County Schools

Atlanta, GA

Prioritizing Safety at Fulton County Schools with Avigilon Trusted Security Solutions.

unfold_lessPrioritizing Safety at Fulton County Schools

“We chose Avigilon because of the capabilities it offers in its advanced video analytics search technologies, including Avigilon Appearance Search,” said Paul Hildreth, Emergency Operations, Safety and Security for Fulton. “Their analytics are easy to set up and use, and can save us valuable time and effort, ultimately making our schools a safer place for generations to come.”