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Secure & Smart – the Changing Landscape of Security at ISC West 2018 & Expo Seguridad

Secure & Smart – the Changing Landscape of Security at ISC West 2018 & Expo Seguridad

published: May 4, 2018

The vibrant lights of the Las Vegas Strip and Mexico City glowed even brighter as we featured our latest video security solutions at ISC West and Expo Seguridad 2018, showcasing products and technologies that are helping to overcome some of the biggest challenges in the security industry today. There has been exponential growth in the number and resolution of security cameras that are used globally, which has both expanded monitoring and enhanced evidence while also presenting new challenges.

As the amount of live and recorded video grows, security departments have faced the question of how large volumes of data will be handled. Does more video footage require more manpower? Perhaps, but this approach faces its own hurdles, as shrinking human attention spans of the digital age make it more difficult to effectively review large volumes of live and recorded video. This makes the task of manual monitoring a challenge—a responsibility where error can have significant consequences.

Our new innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced video analytics were on display at both ISC West and Expo Seguridad, with cloud technology also featured at ISC West. These new products and technologies are designed to help overcome the challenge of human attention and change the way security operators interact with security systems to help them focus on what matters most.

For fast search of recorded video, Avigilon Appearance Search™ technology, a sophisticated deep learning AI search engine, helps operators sort through hours of video with ease. In the near future, we are adding a feature that will enable users to select certain physical descriptions, including hair and clothing color, gender, and age when initiating a search for a person to dramatically improve response times.

When reviewing hours of recorded video becomes an overwhelming challenge, Avigilon Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) helps conquer the task by using AI to bring a new level of automation to video security. Without any predefined rules or setup, UMD technology is able to continuously learn the typical activity of a scene and then detect and flag motion that is unusual, revealing events that may have otherwise been missed. UMD presents security operators with valuable insights from their video data, enabling them to quickly find, verify, and take action on unexpected events.

With the tremendous growth of video security system use, we have seen the challenges this presents for security operators, but also for security integrators. We developed Avigilon Blue™—a powerful new integrator cloud service platform, which was featured at ISC West—to help integrators effectively manage more sites with fewer resources. Its remote troubleshooting capabilities allow camera adjustments and system health fixes to be made without deploying a technician, reducing the time-demand of each customer and creating space for new business. For end-users, video analytic features and the Avigilon Blue Mobile App help identify events that require further investigation and notify the operator, even if they’re away from the office. This shifts the primary role of security operators from detection to response and helps maintain effective video security even if there is a substantial growth of  cameras across a site.

The demands created by the growing number of security cameras and the video they collect have fostered new innovations, drawing on the strengths of cloud technology and AI to provide effective video security solutions without exhausting labor resources. These technologies help users focus their attention on what matters most and take action, whether they’re at the office or on the go. By leveraging these solutions, security professionals can better overcome the challenges of the security camera boom and enjoy the benefits of their video security system.

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