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The Dallas Police Department, Safer Dallas and Motorola Solutions Launch Pilot Program to Increase Community and Officer Safety

The Dallas Police Department, Safer Dallas and Motorola Solutions Launch Pilot Program to Increase Community and Officer Safety

Dallas Police Integrate Motorola Solutions’ Avigilon Video Cameras and CommandCentral Aware Software to Inform Officer Responses and Increase Efficiency

published: November 4, 2019

DALLAS – The Dallas Police Department, Safer Dallas and Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) today announced the launch of a six-month pilot program, the Starlight Program (PDF), that will facilitate collaboration between the police department and local businesses. Participating businesses will be outfitted with Avigilon cameras, blue lights and program signage and will be actively monitored by, and connected directly to, the Dallas Police Department’s Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC) using Motorola Solution’s CommandCentral Aware software. By connecting these cameras to the RTCC, officers will gain additional insights when responding to events, be able to resolve incidents faster and return officers to the street in a timely manner. The Starlight program is open to businesses throughout the city.

The pilot program will launch at three locations that have experienced a high volume of calls for police services:

  • 7-Eleven at 2911 East Ledbetter Road in District 4
  • 7-Eleven at 2503 Lemmon Avenue in District 14
  • Ferguson Food Mart and Texaco Gas Station at 11770 Ferguson Road in District 9

“This is an exciting time for the Dallas Police Department and our partners, Safer Dallas and Motorola Solutions,” said Reneé Hall, chief of police for the Dallas Police Department. “The technology fosters faster decision-making with real-time situational awareness. The ultimate goal is to protect the public while making first responders more effective by providing much-needed information before they even arrive on the scene.”

“We have seen great success in a variety of communities in using technology, like our integrated software and video security solutions, to create a tighter connection between public and private entities and further our shared mission of improving public safety,” said Neil Thomas, vice president of Motorola Solutions’ sales and services organization. “We’re proud to launch this new pilot program with the Dallas Police and Safer Dallas to help connect the Dallas community to public safety.”

The pilot program launched Oct. 28 and is expected to run for six months. After the initial pilot phase, the three organizations will evaluate the impact of the program and explore further expansion.

This pilot program is made possible by Motorola Solutions and Safer Dallas.

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About Dallas Police Department

The Police Department, in serving the people of Dallas, strives to reduce crime and provide a safe city by recognizing that its goal is to help people and provide assistance at every opportunity; providing preventive, investigative, and enforcement services; increasing citizen satisfaction with public safety and obtaining community cooperation through the Department's training, skills, and efforts; and realizing that the Police Department alone cannot control crime, but must act in concert with the community and the rest of the Criminal Justice System.

About Safer Dallas

The mission of Safer Dallas Better Dallas is to protect the citizens of Dallas from becoming victims of crime and engage them in a partnership with the Dallas Police, to support the efforts of our Dallas police officers and to make Dallas America’s safest big city. Safer Dallas Better Dallas works to accomplish its goals by raising money from Dallas foundations, businesses, and citizens to purchase equipment for our Dallas police officers, help fund the department’s priorities, and by helping educate elected leaders on changes that will help reduce the crime rate in Dallas.

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