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Objectif sécurité pour Mono Production

Objectif sécurité pour Mono Production

Mono Production

April 10, 2019
« Avigilon nous a non seulement permis de renforcer la sécurité globale du bâtiment, mais aussi d'étudier plus facilement les événements relativement mineurs, pour lesquels la durée d'investigation est parfois disproportionnée. Grâce à ce nouveau système, notre personnel de sécurité ne passe plus des heures à chercher une vidéo et peut donc se concentrer sur des tâches plus décisives. » a déclaré M. Bannasit Rakwong, directeur général de Mono Production.

In Thailand, one of the biggest names in the entertainment and media business is the Mono Group. The conglomerate is one of the country's leading content creators, and its enterprises include everything from traditional print media and publications, to mobile platforms for news, gaming and apps. Its many television assets are managed by Mono Production Co., Ltd. (Mono Production) — a leader in Thailand’s television landscape.

With a multitude of teams, crews and studios working on a variety of projects at the same time, Mono Production operates out of two hightraffic buildings in Bangkok. However, one of them was seriously lagging behind in terms of security. The main challenge was that several different brands of CCTV cameras had been added in an ad-hoc fashion over time, and the company had never implemented a platform to unify them all. Moreover, some of the earlier cameras offered very poor image quality, which made it difficult to review live video and investigate events. Finding relevant video was a long and tedious process, and when events were found, there was often very little information that could actually be gleaned from it.

Mono Production knew it needed a better security solution to protect its team members and valuable assets. The main priority was to create a centralized system that could help security personnel efficiently monitor video from across the entire surveillance network. The company was also interested in additional factors, such as playback and thumbnail search features, which could further expedite investigations.

A New Focus on Security

The company concluded that Avigilon was the obvious solution to meet its security needs, and invested in a full-scale installation. To provide high-quality video of the whole building, almost 100 new cameras were added across five floors, including the H4A Dome, H4 SL and H3 Bullet cameras.

Mono Production took out its former CCTV network and installed a new Avigilon system, including Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software, which integrated with the new cameras to help ensure that all captured video could be seamlessly sorted, searched and viewed based on date and time.

According to Mono Production, the improvements were impressive and immediate. With the ability to search thumbnails and play back video in near real-time, security personnel no longer needed to spend hours trying to pinpoint the locations of misdemeanors, helping to make the company’s venue much safer and the job of its security personnel more efficient.

“The Avigilon system provided a unified, end-to-end solution for our security needs,” said Mr. Bannasit Rakwong, General Manager at Mono Production. “Our security personnel can now review high-quality video easily and efficiently — the difference is night and day.”

Better Visibility, Quicker Results

Streamlining Investigations

At Mono Production, security events generally involve property damage or vandalism rather than serious personal injury. When it came to these relatively minor but time-consuming investigations, the new Avigilon system immediately paid dividends, according to Mono Production. For example, when a fitness machine was broken in the onsite gym, it was extremely easy for security personnel to quickly review video and see exactly how the damage was caused and helped them determine whether or not it was done with malicious intent. This helped them to establish liability and hold the culprit accountable so that the company could be compensated for the loss.

“Thanks to Avigilon, the overall security of the building not only improved, but it also became much easier to look into those relatively minor events that take up a disproportionate amount of time to investigate. With the new system in place, our security personnel don’t have to spend hours searching video — they can focus on more impactful work.” said Mr. Bannasit Rakwong.

An Evolving Solution

The ACC™ solution, leveraged in tandem with a comprehensive camera installation, has drastically reduced the amount of recording hardware that Mono Production depends on; and with its superior search and playback capabilities, it has also increased efficiencies for the security team by more than 35%.

Since deploying their Avigilon solution, the company has been impressed with the expansion of ACC to support innovative capabilities such as Avigilon Appearance Search and Unusual Motion Detection technologies. Due to the success of the system, Mono Production is also considering expanding its solution to include Access Control Manager™, which will enhance the access control solution currently in place.

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Industry: Retail

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

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