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Une solution tournée vers l'avenir

Une solution tournée vers l'avenir


November 16, 2018
« Grâce aux systèmes Avigilon, nous pouvons désormais visualiser nos entreprises et nos usines dans le monde entier sans déplacement, en économisant du temps et de l'argent, et suivant une plus grande fréquence. Cela est possible grâce à la technologie efficace de gestion de la bande passante d'Avigilon et à son puissant logiciel. » – Chadi Khadij, responsable réseau et télécoms chez INDEVCO

The corporate philosophy of INDEVCO is driven by a forward-thinking focus on both purpose and profit. By embracing change, INDEVCO creates value for its customers—and has become a leader in serving both B2B and B2C markets as a result.

Headquartered in Lebanon, INDEVCO produces a wide range of commercial products including paper, plastic and packaging materials for a variety of goods, as well as personal care, household and institutional disposables for retail and away-from-home markets. INDEVCO also manufactures converting machines and CNC machine parts, and develops automation, power distribution and renewable energy solutions.

With 76 subsidiary companies and over 10,000 employees worldwide, meeting INDEVCO’s safety and logistics requirements is an expansive undertaking. To help ensure that safety measures are being maintained and that assets are handled properly at all of their business locations, INDEVCO sought a security and surveillance system that would allow remote viewing of their sites from its central IT headquarters.

Surveillance centralisée

Seeking a solution that could enable remote viewing, provide clear video for liability claims and reduce network bandwidth, INDEVCO partnered with Phoenix Machinery and Avigilon to deploy a complete system that offers high-resolution video and centralized operation.

The company purchased approximately 1,100 Avigilon H4 Bullet andH4 Dome cameras with self-learning video analytics for nine locations across Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. These cameras feature High Definition Stream Management (HDSM)™ and HSDM SmartCodec™ technologies, which allows them to provide maximum image detail while efficiently managing network bandwidth across the entire system. All cameras run on Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software, allowing security personnel to view all of INDEVCO’s sites from a single, centralized location and via tablet or smartphone when on-the-go.

“Using Avigilon systems, we can now view our companies and factories worldwide without the need to travel, saving time and money, and in a more frequent way. This is possible because of Avigilon’s efficient bandwidth management technology and powerful software.” – Chadi Khadij, Network and Telecom Manager at INDEVCO

A Proactive Safety Response

CBS had a legacy security system in place, but it had no intelligent or proactive capabilities. As such, trying to locate evidence of a crime was a time-consuming process that involved scrutinizing thousands of images. Avigilon was able to replace the system's six legacy servers with one Avigilon NVR Premium and integrate 190 of the school’s cameras with Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software. This significantly reduced costs for CBS, and after the initial installations were complete, the remaining budget allowed for new cameras to be added to the school’s security framework. Along with high-quality footage from a range of Avigilon cameras like the H4 SL, H4 Dome and H4 Bullet, the ACC™ system featured video analytics, Appearance Search and UMD technologies that allowed security personnel to identify possible offenders and follow their movements across campus — both retroactively and in real-time. The installation also included a video wall where 6x50-inch screens provided security personnel with an interactive visual matrix.

Providing a Welcoming Space While Protecting Students

The Avigilon system has enabled INDEVCO to set up analytic rules to receive notifications of movement in areas where safety is a concern, helping to ensure a proactive response while decreasing liability exposure. It helps monitor and control movement in warehouses, preventing common accidents by detecting and alerting operators of potential safety events, such as individuals who enter restricted areas and forklifts traveling in the wrong direction.

Replicating Success

With the installation of Avigilon security solutions, there has been a significant improvement in how INDEVCO employees handle finished goods. By implementing a complete security and surveillance solution that is as forward-thinking as its corporate philosophy, INDEVCO has successfully deployed a system to better protect its employees, assets and facilities. As a result of the exceptional performance of its Avigilon system, INDEVCO plans to install Avigilon solutions in its other Middle East locations.

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Industry: Manufacturing

Location: Beirut, Lebanon

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