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Nos solutions de sécurité vidéo les plus avancées présentées à Dubaï lors de l'Intersec 2020

Nos solutions de sécurité vidéo les plus avancées présentées à Dubaï lors de l'Intersec 2020

published: January 14, 2020

Our unified video security and access control management portfolio is designed to empower security teams with high-performance technologies that are purpose-built to make your job easier.

Cette année, lors du salon Intersec 2020 à Dubaï, nous sommes ravis de présenter le portefeuille de Motorola Solutions[1], y compris les caméras de sécurité intelligentes, le logiciel de gestion vidéo alimenté par l'IA, l'analyse vidéo par auto-apprentissage, les solutions de contrôle des accès, le port de caméras, les solutions de reconnaissance des plaques d'immatriculation, les solutions de communication stratégiques et le logiciel de centre de commande. Ne manquez pas de venir découvrir notre gamme de produits !

This year, we’re featuring:

Avigilon Control Center™ 7 Software: New “appearance alerts” capability in ACC™ 7 software utilizes AI-powered facial recognition technology to help organizations accelerate response times by identifying people of interest.

Next-Generation Video Analytics: Offers more reliable detection of up to 50 objects in the scene, even if they are stationary, helping to alert you of important events that are happening within your facility.

Avigilon Appearance Search™ Technology: Find a vehicle or person by selecting certain specific physical descriptions, including vehicle type and color, clothing color, gender and age.

Access Control Manager™ System: Seamlessly integrates across our entire video security system to help you detect, verify and act on events.

Identity Search Feature: Allows you to quickly search for a person of interest using their access credentials. You can then search for video appearances of that person within the same dashboard to find their current or previous location on site.

H5A Camera Line: Built with our most advanced video analytics yet.

H5SL Camera Line: Brings value and versatility for an easy-to-install solution.

H4 Thermal VGA Camera Line: Combines patented self-learning video analytics with thermal technology to provide you with long-range perimeter protection, even under challenging conditions.

Plus, you can check out other products from the Motorola Solutions portfolio, including CommandCentral Aware software, mission critical two-way radios, body-worn and in-car video systems, as well as radio dispatch solutions.

We look forward to seeing you at Intersec from Jan. 16-18 at Stand SA B12 in the Trade Centre Arena of the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, United Arab Emirates!

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