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5 ways sharper, smarter end-to-end solutions can protect organizations

5 ways sharper, smarter end-to-end solutions can protect organizations

According to a recent global survey by Forbes*, most organizations (58% of respondents) monitor fewer than half of their valuable assets with surveillance. That means that many assets are left unprotected despite the fact that in the U.S. alone, companies spend over $15 billion per year on video surveillance.

According to the same survey, for respondents who do use video surveillance, a majority (66%) said that for the locations or facilities where video surveillance is in use, fewer than half are actively monitored by security personnel. Instead, video is recorded and stored, only to be used forensically – to provide evidence after an incident takes place.

Avigilon’s end-to-end solutions are sharper and smarter, enabling you to cost-effectively and intelligently protect all of your valuable assets:

Sharper, with higher resolution to give you the ability to cover more assets with fewer cameras – while still providing incredibly detailed images to enable identification, and

Smarter, to bring intelligence to the full end-to-end security system, making security proactive, not reactive – and changing the cost model to make securing all your valuable assets affordable and cost-effective.

Traditional surveillance solutions use analog cameras that provide limited coverage and deliver images lacking detail for identification purposes. Most security installations are collections of individual tools that don’t work well together, which reduces performance and slows response time. And many of these systems must be operated from a central console, which means that security personnel out on rounds cannot respond to an incident that occurs across campus until they return to the command center, losing valuable time. In addition, research shows that humans are not well suited to watching video on multiple screens for long periods of time – they lose concentration after 20 minutes and miss up to 95% of activity. Their attention span is even worse when the images are low resolution. This lack of attention limits the effectiveness of using people to actively monitor surveillance video.

At Avigilon, we believe end-to-end solutions with intelligent capabilities – encompassing HD cameras (such as our new 7K HD Pro camera), software, access control management, and self-learning video analytics (now included in many of our HD Pro cameras) – provide security that is sharper and smarter to better protect your people, property and assets.

We at Avigilon believe that there are 5 primary ways that sharper, smarter end-to-end solutions can protect your organization.

1. Sharper imagery provides broader coverage and greater visibility 

High resolution imaging provides clear, sharp, HD images to maximize situational awareness over a larger area while at the same time enabling detailed image capture to zoom in on critical items such as faces or license plates. But HD cameras alone are not enough – the rest of your system must deliver the scalability, decoding, bandwidth and storage to handle HD – without sacrificing resolution. To address these challenges, Avigilon has developed High Definition Stream Management (HDSM)™ 2.0, a proprietary technology that drastically reduces server-client bandwidth requirements and makes optimal use of computing and storage resources. That means that even with many high resolution cameras deployed across multiple sites, security personnel aren’t watching a spinning icon on the screen as a video image loads. Instead they can manage all of their live and recorded HD video and see results immediately – without sacrificing resolution – for faster response time.

2. Smarter video analytics deliver exceptional accuracy

Rather than using video surveillance strictly to search for evidence after an incident has occurred, video analytics supplies the intelligence to evaluate what is happening in real time and alerts security personnel so they can take action. However, many video analytics solutions provide too many false alarms even with extensive, time-consuming manual calibration. Avigilon’s advanced pattern-based technology minimizes false alarms by only paying attention to what’s most important, detecting the people and vehicles in a scene and watching what they do. In addition, with Avigilon’s patented self-learning analytics, the system learns about the background scene by itself – without calibration. And its alerts become more accurate over time with Avigilon’s patented teach-by-example technology.

3. Smarter access control solutions put time back on your side

Access Control should not be a discrete, isolated system bolted on to the rest of your security solution. Avigilon’s Access Control Manager (ACM) is integrated into our end-to-end solution and has the flexibility to interface with many systems that you may already have in place, eliminating duplication of effort and increasing productivity. With ACM’s browser-based access, security personnel can respond to incidents faster by taking action immediately from any device, anywhere. During an emergency evacuation, ACM helps security personnel track employees in a safe location and gives first responders the locations of employees still within the facility. A high-end, secure, IT-friendly system, ACM helps keep your people, property and assets safe.

4. A smarter end-to-end solution enables faster response times

Avigilon delivers an integrated end-to-end solution to give security personnel the ability to respond rapidly and mitigate an incident before damage is done. For instance, through the power of integration, if ACM detects a person trying to use an invalid badge to gain access to a facility, security personnel can instantly see video of the person and respond appropriately. When video analytics detects a person in an “authorized personnel only” zone, and security personnel confirm that the person is an intruder, they can take action to talk down the intruder via a camera-linked speaker, call on-site security or law enforcement to respond, or in extreme cases, initiate facility lock-down or evacuation via ACM. Smarter end-to-end integration helps increase the effectiveness of your security team.

5. Sharper, smarter solutions change the cost model for security

The Avigilon solution makes better security more cost-effective in many ways. With our HD cameras, you can cover more area with fewer cameras. Combined with our HDSM 2.0 technology, you can increase image resolution while minimizing the requirements – and costs – for storage and bandwidth. With video analytics, one operator can monitor 10X the number of screens, optimizing security personnel workload and capabilities. Just as our self-learning analytics is designed to run without manual calibration, our entire solution is designed to work out of the box for faster time to value. And if you need assistance, you can reach our friendly, knowledgeable customer service staff 24/7 to talk to a real person who will help you get up and running quickly.

With the recent addition of the 7K HD Pro and HD Pro with Analytics cameras to Avigilon’s portfolio, our end-to-end security solutions are sharper and smarter than ever. We help you see what once could not be seen, and by making the visual actionable, we give you the intelligence to act, not react. All of this helps change the cost model for security so you can afford to protect all your valuable assets.

In addition, many organizations are already using Big Data and business intelligence based on information from the digital world to change the way they do business – to better understand customers, increase productivity, improve the supply chain, provide better care, cut costs, increase revenue, and reduce risk. Avigilon’s smarter, sharper solutions can bring information from the physical world into the realm of Big Data to help improve your business in similar ways. This digitization of the physical world may start as a security solution today, but it has the potential to grow and transform your business.

To learn more, visit www.avigilon.com.

*Forbes Insights/Avigilon Survey 2015