Soluciones de seguridad que permiten que CSC realice operaciones bancarias

Soluciones de seguridad que permiten que CSC realice operaciones bancarias

A Banking Case Study

July 2, 2020
"Las tecnologías de búsqueda de video de Avigilon son eficientes y eficaces, y gracias a que reúnen la seguridad del video y el control de acceso, permiten reducir las horas de trabajo a minutos", señaló Ghaleb Karout, subdirector ejecutivo del Departamento de Infraestructura de TI de CSC. "El software es fácil de usar y su cartera de productos ofrece una amplia variedad de aplicaciones para satisfacer mejor nuestras necesidades de seguridad".

CSC Bank needed to deploy a sophisticated access control system to help protect their data center, and the unification of ACC software and the ACM system proved to be extremely useful.

The Identity Search feature allows security operators to quickly search for an individual using their access credentials and then run an Appearance Search to quickly pull up video of that person to find their current or previous location on site — all within the same dashboard.

“Avigilon’s video search technologies are efficient and effective, and by bringing video security and access control together, they can reduce hours of work to minutes. The software is easy to use, and we appreciate that their product portfolio offers a wide variety of applications to better meet our security needs.”


"To us, the most important capability of the system is the Identity Search feature, it provides us with the information we need to quickly verify events so that we can take action.”

Ghaleb Karout
Deputy Executive Manager of the IT Infrastructure Department at CSC

Industry: Banking

Location: Beirut, Lebanon

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