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The Avigilon DNA

The Avigilon DNA

published: April 20, 2017

Avigilon Corporation traces its roots back to the heart of Yaletown, Vancouver. Founded in 2004, Avigilon tapped into a large unmet need for a comprehensive high resolution video surveillance solution.  Since then, Avigilon has been focused on delivering solutions with exceptional image quality and performance, while simultaneously being easy to use. The vision for the company has always been imprinted in what we call “The Avigilon DNA” - it’s a desire to continuously make things better.

We have always striven to be at the forefront of innovation, and believe that deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to solve some of the most critical challenges our industry faces today. Using deep learning AI to make bold new advancements in our video analytics, we are redefining the way customers think about and interact with their video surveillance systems.

This focus on always innovating, has allowed us to stay at the cutting edge of meeting our customer’s needs. Being agile and nimble in order to provide solutions to our customers has always been our top priority, and having our manufacturing facilities in North America gives us the flexibility to react quickly and enhance our customer’s experience.

As Avigilon Founder, President and CEO, Alexander Fernandes says, “we aim to work harder, smarter, and service our customers better.” And that is the Avigilon DNA.

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About Avigilon

Avigilon, a Motorola Solutions company, designs, develops and manufactures solutions in video analytics, cloud, security cameras, video management software and hardware, and access control. Avigilon is an industry leader and, together with Motorola Solutions, provides integrated solutions for video security, access control and critical communications. To learn more about Avigilon, visit avigilon.com.

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