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Brindamos seguridad a los sitios, al personal y a los envíos a nivel internacional

Brindamos seguridad a los sitios, al personal y a los envíos a nivel internacional

published: November 12, 2019

The Administración Portuaria Integral de Guaymas (API) has grown since its first commercial movement in 1827 to become one of Mexico’s busiest and most strategically-located freight ports. Importing and exporting nearly 6 million metric tons of cargo annually around the world, API plays a significant role in global trade activities and transnational business. Operating under the values of safe and efficient services, the port’s commitment to meeting its clients’ needs has fostered an exceptional offering of services such as cargo handling, logistics, exterior commerce management and fiscal storage.

Prior to installing a complete Avigilon solution, container fulfillment was a challenge for API. To monitor fulfillment, a dedicated police officer had to be stationed at each container to determine when it had reached maximum capacity, which was a slow and difficult process from a ground perspective. Container fulfillment is now much faster; one fulfillment manager can easily monitor video of the containers from API’s central IT station using Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software and provide direction to operators. 

API’s Avigilon solution has also helped the port avoid false liability claims. Without a thorough video surveillance system and clear video evidence, it was hard to determine the authenticity of accidents that occurred at the port. Since the deployment of Avigilon cameras, API has robust video evidence of events that occur, which can be reviewed during investigations and presented in court. In one instance, an employee was found injured, claiming that he had had an accident in one of the port’s pits. After reviewing the video, authorities were able to determine that the employee had purposely jumped into the pit and that API was not at fault for his injuries. API has also found an unconventional use for its surveillance video; the video from its Avigilon cameras provides such exceptional image detail that API has begun using certain recorded video clips for promotional purposes, creating videos that are used to show clients, partners and shareholders how secure, clean and operationally effective the port is.

“Clear video surveillance that can withstand challenging conditions is critical to our ability to protect the port from theft and other security threats,” said Axel Humberto Perez Flores, Head of Information Technology for the Port of Guaymas. “With Avigilon’s HD cameras and ACC™ software, our operators can centrally monitor and verify port activities, helping to ensure we continue to provide secure transportation and storage services to our clients.”

Port of Guaymas uses:

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